Nordic numerical linear algebra association


The nordic numerical linear algebra association is devoted to all aspects of applied and numerical linear algebra, spanning theory, analysis, computation and methods to specific research areas in applications as well as mathematical software. The association is based in the nordic countries but welcome participation and membership from all countries. The topics include but are not limited to: linear systems, nonlinear systems, iterative methods, direct methods, eigenvalue problems, matrix functions, structured matrices, least squares problems, tensor methods, matrix equations, graph theory, optimization and high performance computing. Specific application areas include but are not restricted to: physical sciences, systems & control, data science, machine learning, biology and statistics.


2019: Stockholm, Sweden: http:///

2022: April 11-12, Helsinki, Finland:

2024: June 17-18, Odense, Denmark:

2025: Fall, t.b.a.


The organization is based in the nordic countries, but is open to membership applications from all countries.

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